A Snowy memory of Grostl

This week’s cold snap has caused a plethora of weather warnings/alerts and forecasts of impending danger/chaos and fun. But it did come as a surprise last night when Mari told me what she really wanted for supper. We’d last eaten Grostl on holiday in Austria around 8 years ago and always up for a culinary…

The Last Supper of 2012

The final family supper of 2012, to start: Baked Camembert with Apple and Chilli Chutney Followed by: Fillet steak with a Stilton sauce Sauté Potatoes Braised leeks Braised Beetroot and onions Mushrooms Wines to suit, making a fine end to 2012, I hope the world will be a much  happier and more peaceful place in the New Year of 2013….

3 S’s for Supper

You know the old story about the importance of 3 S’s when on holiday (sun, sand and sex) well I couldn’t quite expect them over my short break to Aberaeron last weekend (not much sun in October, no sand on the beaches and …. I can’t remember the other one!) but I managed to find…