My Background

After an 18-year career in the Army, specialising in planning military intervention around the world, I entered the world of business as a founder member of a start-up telecoms company CableTel South Wales.

Since then, I have operated in a variety of sectors including business telecommunications, defence communications, high-performance computing, the law, farming and rural economy, government relations, space and a not-for-profit member organisation.

The one consistent thread in all my work is that it has been in Wales.


My responsibilities have been at a C-level and public-facing. They include functional responsibilities for Government relations, Strategy development, Inward investment, business marketing, sales, digital innovation, operations and general management.

I have advised Secretaries of State and Welsh Government ministers for many years.

I am now engaged in a variety of NED and advisory roles.

Boardroom & Leadership Advice

A highly focused and high-functioning board could be too “in the detail” – so getting an alternate view just might be the way to go.

Whether you are considering something major, or just need to “check” some more routine thinking, it’s often worth getting some external advice.

I offer you a different perspective, different experience and some grey-haired wisdom, which can often help you ensure that you are on the right course.

My services can be tailored the way you want it – a one-off, short engagement, long term – all to suit you.

Non-Executive Director

Are you looking to strengthen your board with new Non-Executive Director (NED) talent?

I not only have experience of a variety of sectors but also hold a Financial Times Diploma in Non-Executive Directorship, a rare formal qualification for NEDs.

I work with businesses of any size that are ambitious, with fast-growth prospects and who want to extract the maximum benefit from their Board to achieve their objectives.

If you feel the time is right to add a NED to your Board, someone with wide-ranging experience and a range of functional value, then we ought to have a conversation.