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If Amazon ran the NHS ….

If Amazon ran the NHS ….

I had a hip replacement operation several years ago, using a “metal on metal” joint, a technique that has generated several “issues” globally. As a result, my joint is scanned annually to see if any problems are developing. The situation is manageable and of no...

Political Maps of Wales 2021

Political Maps of Wales 2021

Here's a map summarising the constituency results of the 2021 election in Wales (with "changed" seats marked in black): And here's a map that I just couldn't resist that shows the constituency seats held by the Lib Dems:

Election Trends – Part 2

I used to work with a wonderful American company chairman who was obsessed with data and trends. He taught me their value and I wrote a short piece a few weeks ago showing the trends in votes over recent elections. I've updated those graphs to show clearly that there...

Election Trends

Whilst the polls are heating up about next week's results in Wales, sometimes it's worth reflecting on trends in recent elections as well. Here's an interesting comparison of the vote share in the 2016 Senedd Election and the General Elections for 2015, 2017 and 2019:...

The Rural Manifestos – 2021

In preparation for the Senedd Elections next month, I thought I’d look at what the main parties are proposing for the rural communities in Wales and farmers in particular. As a former Managing Director of the Farmers’ Union of Wales and now a Trustee of RABI (the...

When Change happens, don’t regress

In recent months we have all seen the heroic efforts of the NHS and marvelled at the way they have dealt with the challenge of Covid-19. But behind the scenes, there has been a number of other changes that may have gone unnoticed unless they, of course, touched you...

Trooping the Colour

I send my very best wishes to The 1st Battalion the Welsh Guards, Trooping the Colour in celebration of the Queen's Birthday. An honour for all Guardsmen on parade.