I felt robbed by 2 little Molluscs

Scallops on a bed of grit!

I went out to dinner last night to a restaurant that I’d used years ago, I had fond memories of the place run by its owners, serving great beer and wonderful food. How things change.

When we arrived, we found that all the real beer was “off”. Actually there’s was only a choice of one anyway!

We then ordered our meal and for a starter I choose Scallops. I like scallops, nuggets of juicy, sweet, fresh marine heaven. Sometimes with Roe, sometimes not. I don’t mind either way.

Sometimes I get them from Cardigan Bay – wonderful and large. Last night in Gwent they were “Brixham Scallops” which translates to small (the size of a 50p coin) and not¬†particularly¬†flavoursome. They came with something I can only describe as Grit and Black Pudding (actually pretty good)

And 2 of the little darlings cost £11.50, bloody robbery!

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