How she won my Loyalty

I needed to talk to a Solicitor this morning, nothing huge, just a bit of legal jargon that needed to be explained to me. But I didn’t know who to ask. It was a bit specialist so the guy who helped me buy my house would have been no use, and I truly didn’t know where to go.

So I used my Twitter network and within 3 minutes had a recommendation for someone who was “really nice and speaks plain English”. A phone call to the solicitor was followed by sending her a copy of the text that had confused me, for her to review.

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20 minutes later she called me back and explained it all, in detail and in really plain English. And when I thanked her and asked her: “how much?” she said it was all too difficult to work it out, the analysis had been easy, setting up a new account would be a pain and, well, could I think of her at some time in the future instead?

Think of her in the future!

Of course I will. As far as I’m concerned there is now only one person in the world who deals with that area of the law, and she’s my favourite lawyer, EVER!

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