If Givers Gain then Mohd Rafie is about to gain “big time”

I’ve spent months developing the Junction 31 website, some of it taking me into uncharted territory, but generally supported by the thousands of developers working on open-source applications.
But there was one thing that I could not fix: my “Alan’s Views” blog layout. Whatever I did, it always seemed to align itself off the page when entering comments.
Open source forums could not get an answer. And then Mohd Rafie came along.mohd He’s a member of Junction 31, and offered to help. I didn’t know him other than what was on his profile, but what did I have to lose?
So I gave him access to the site – and in about 20 minutes he fixed it. Not with some hack, that others may have created, but having consulted Google Analytics to check on resolutions and browsers etc to meet the need of the users of the site. And it worked. And I was happy
But he then decided to polish it a little bit more. And the result looks great – just what I wanted. So: a great big thank you to Mohd Rafie.
He’s now a friend, we plan to meet soon and how can I not recommend his design services to other people.

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