Are you a warm up artist or the real deal?

There’s a big difference between someone who opens the show and someone who’s the headline. For the former it’s quite often an uphill struggle as the audience is still settling in their seats and maybe even still arriving. And they’ve not come to see him any way.
But for the real-deal, well it’s peace and harmony with great expectation and of course rapturous applause when you arrive on stage.
Why is this relevant to business? Well if you are the real deal then people will be glad to see you, indeed looking forward to seeing you. But if you are only a warm up artist, prepared to play in front of anyone, then life will probably be a struggle.
So when you think about growing your business, why not focus on the fans you already have instead of looking for new ones. Satisfy their needs by turning up and playing again and then let them tell their friends how great you are.
Experts leave the warm up work to someone else.

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