Did you see her?

On Britain’s got Talent…. did you see her? You know: the one the crowd took an instant dislike to and the judges had rejected almost as soon as she walked on the stage.
OK, she wasn’t the greatest `Looker`, her dress was pretty frumpy and she was probably pigeonholed by most people there as a farmer’s wife. Susan Boyle
And in this age of skin deep beauty, of high-gloss celebrity: she was almost on the scrap heap before she started.
ALMOST – because once she opened her mouth to sing, she blew them away!
She was marvellous, a true talent, hidden behind a badly fitting image. A glorious voice, with range, power, feeling and an absolute joy to listen to.
And fair play to the judges – they admitted not only the talent, but their embarrassment at having written her off before she’d started. And no doubt there were many in the audience who were equally embarrassed at having made a decision with little evidence of any value.
A lesson to us all. And I really hope she wins, ‘cos she was bloody marvellous.

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