It’s getting closer

With only around 4 hours to go until the RWC starts this evening in Twickenham, I must admit to getting really excited.I absolutely love this competition, the mix of brilliant skills, strength and speed along with the global spirit of camaraderie that exists in rugby, makes it a unique sporting event. This one though is…

Do you Haka or Hakarena?

I didn’t like the spoof of the Haka that Matt Dawson produced earlier this week but even though it was in bad taste it still might have been better than this rendition by the All Blacks against the Barbarians in the famous 1973 match. httpv://

Let the Lions Roar

With just over 12 hours to go before the 2013 British and Irish Lions squad is announced, there are probably some nervous players waiting to hear their fortune. For those living in hope but soon to be disappointed, there will always be the national tours. But they will never compare to being a Lion. To…