Online Networking – it’s a party!

When you go out to a “real” networking event, do you go to have a good time, maybe even expecting a good time. Or do you avoid contact, or maybe even hide in the corner. Well I reckon you probably go there with a “let’s get too it” attitude. And you work the room.
You talk to people, you introduce yourself, when asked and you ask others to tell you a bit about themselves.
And you have some fun. And you probably try to find some common ground to build that rapport that you need in a relationship. Although there are some that I’ve met that just want to tell me what they sell and then ask me to buy. But I don’t talk to them for long!
But online it’s a bit different: I’ve found that some people who are super active in the Face to Face world are slow in making a move. And you know what, I reckon it’s because they think this online space is a different world.
Well let me tell you – in my opinion – it is not a different world, it’s just a different meeting room.
You’ve got to go in with a smile, you need to make people laugh, you still need to find some common ground and build rapport. And if all you want to do is sell your story and your stuff then you’re probably in the wrong place. And let me tell you now, it’s a lot easier to ignore someone online that F2F.
If you’re in an online network, like Junction 31, then you need to work at it. But when you get it right the dividends will be huge.
So next time you go online, why not think of it as being at a party – get there to meet people, smile, laugh, share stories, make friends, get names/numbers to follow up but most of all enjoy it. It sure beats working!

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