St Paddy 1 – St Dewi 0

Why is that Paddy’s day is such a big deal? Globally: parades in places like New York, parties in every part of the globe and a HUGE economic spin off as a result.

Meanwhile us Welsh hide in the corner with our Patron Saint and lack of branding and global awareness. Are we not “up to it”? Are we not of a global stature, or are we just too reliant on others to support us and not willing to gamble on the big stage?

The Irish can always spin a tale really well and no tale is better spun that the one around Paddy. But as a result they are known, they are recognised and have been loved across the world.

Let’s get off our backsides and start making some noise as Welsh people. Let’s get seen and heard on a global stage. Let’s celebrate our nation. Let’s ensure that we can be seen and heard when we need, deserve and want to.

And let’s also remember that:
To be born Welsh is to be born privileged, Not with a silver spoon in your mouth, But with music in your heart and poetry in your soul

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