How much can you learn in 100 hours?

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Logo of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Last week I went on a business trip to Boston, to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in fact on what was my first real visit the the USA. I was away from home for a total of 100 hours, yet the impact the trip had on me and the lessons I learnt, made it feel far more valuable than any 100 hours I can remember.

Over the next few days I plan to write a few notes about some of the moments that left an impression and some of the subject areas I’ve already spotted include:

  • The Secret sauce at MIT
  • Speaking the lingo
  • Baseball – what is that all about?
  • How to say hello
  • Rubbish collection
  • Using apps for changing life
  • Flight loading in the right order
  • Customs in Dublin
  • Making it clear you want to attract investment
  • The power of focus – at MIT on Technology
  • Regional Entrepreneur Action Plan
  • Some great ideas from Senseable Cities.

It might take me over 100 hours to get all this written, but I think it will be worth recording and sharing some of the benefits of what was a fantastic week.


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