Today I shall be making a crust


I’ve developed an interest in baking bread in recent weeks, I can’t really understand why and it has nothing to do with the success of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off either.

There’s just something pretty magical in being able to mix a few ingredients and produce something so very tasty and potentially so varied.

There’s also the therapy: kneading, knocking back, watching the rise; all at a pace that I can enjoy. The kneading is totally absorbing and a break from everything else in the world, the rhythm and the feel all coming together to help my mind drift away, albeit only for 10 minutes of meditation.

I’ve got a loaf proving as I write this and if it’s any good I’ll write some more, in fact I think that writing about my learnings around bread could well become a regular event here. And if it’s not any good I’ll write some more as I try to work out what went wrong.



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