A Snowy memory of Grostl

grostlThis week’s cold snap has caused a plethora of weather warnings/alerts and forecasts of impending danger/chaos and fun. But it did come as a surprise last night when Mari told me what she really wanted for supper.

We’d last eaten Grostl on holiday in Austria around 8 years ago and always up for a culinary challenge I went looking for a recipe. The truth is that there’s nothing particularly challenging in it. in fact it’s really just a re-packaged Bacon, Egg and Chips, but somehow Grostl is far more synonymous with snow than the BE+C variant.Take some pancetta, and fry gently to melt some of the fat, add a good dollop of roughly chopped onions, cook together for around 10 minutes until soft. Remove from pan, add a good portion of cubed and pre boiled waxy potatoes to the oil and fry gently for another 10 minutes. Add some Marjoram, maybe some other bits and bob, no doubt there’s a traditional Austrian way but that wasn’t in use in our house.

Return the onions and pancetta to the potatoes, mix and fry together until nicely browned.

Serve with a fried egg on top, a sprinkling of parsley and maybe some ketchup.


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