Cardiff Street Food Festival

I like food, and I like trying different foods with different flavours, so I was looking forward to the first ever Cardiff Street Food Festival in Cardiff last Saturday night.  Tomos came along with me and we met some friends there, none of us were disappointed.

Set out in the Mackintosh Community Centre, it attracted a great range of foods, all packed full of great flavour, made with passion and delivered with great sense of fun for the occasion.

First up was a cup of soup from Thai-Dee. I heard someone calling it the smartest pot-noodle he’d ever tasted, it was light, fresh, flavour some and warming on what was a pleasantly cold night.

After that it was time for some Lamb Kofta, yum-yum, with flatbread, chilli yogurt sauces. Scrummy.

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup was just like drinking Velvet, smooth in a way that I’ve never tasted before. Gorgeous.

By now Tomos was itching for a Burger, from Got Beef. These guys had a great converted bus with a kitchen at the back and Organic Burgers flying out the door. Tomos’ verdict – “best burger in south Wales and maybe further than that too.”

I’d had my eye on the Pizza (from Fired Up Feasts) for a while, mainly because I liked their (mobile) wood fired pizza oven and when I’d asked someone else what the pizzas were like she declared them: “Awesome” (she Was American) so I had to try one. The 20 minute wait – too many orders, not the slow cooking, was well worth the wait, crispy, flavour packed and with Cockles and Lava Bread as a topping, a thoroughly Welsh Pizza.

The Goat Curry with Rice and Peas was a real wow and after all this foodie melange the only thing to do was to go home for a good lie-down. I couldn’t possibly get round all the stalls, so apologies to those who didn’t get a mention. Maybe next time!

It was a great evening, well organised and hopefully a portent of many similar events to come. Well done to all who organised, cooked, prepared and fed us: a great night for Cardiff. Can’t wait for the next one.

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