The Olympic Spirit personified

After an Olympic week that began with the most wonderful opening ceremony and a weekend that produced some great results for Britain, the performances and results have been inspiring and truly wonderful.
But the games have shown themselves to be far more than just the competition and the results in my opinion. They have delivered a grace, a beauty and strength in the Olympic spirit that I’d never seen this clearly before. The beauty is visible in so many of the exceptional physical specimens on show. Some of the women exude a calm beauty and confidence that is truly stunning. For the men: many appear to have been chiselled from stone. All carry themselves with confidence, calm and ease.

Their grace is clear to see as champion after champion speaks so lucidly to the world media. But they don’t speak about their own performances but about the strength of their competitors, the support they’ve received from their team, friends and others and with a humility that is truly amazing to behold.

These competitors have been a tremendous example to all of us of not only the benefits of sport, but how to be successful at the highest level whilst maintaining contact with the real world. It has shown that you don’t need to be the best paid to be the most respected and the most successful.

I salute them all as true national heroes.

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