You can bet and benefit in different ways

At the 2008 Olympics the Irish athletes taking part agreed – contractually – not to undertake in any betting during the course of the games. Yet now we hear that one of them – some say Unnamed, whilst others call him Peter O’Leary – may have bet on other competitors to win.This does nothing to enhance the reputation and value of the sport, but it does obviously show the frailty of man. Despite years of effort, sweat and tears along the way in pursuit of Olympic glory, the lure of the filthy lucre can prove irresistible. And when coupled with a bit of insider knowledge can make the desire to gamble even greater. Olympians might be superhuman but they are at least human on occasion.

But what does amaze me is the spread of betting, aided by online variants, which now allows so many more “books” to be open at any one time and to be updated during an event. Brought up on the complexities of a 6 horse yankee, where all bets were as fractions, I now find it difficult to understand decimal betting. So instead if I want to bet I practice my language skills at the same time by playing poker in French and the best place for that is at PartyPoker.Fr

I also never bet on my competitors.


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