What are those Marketeers talking about?

I went shopping yesterday with my wife: she needed some new reading spectacles and was after some “off-the-shelf” ones from the chemist. And she struck lucky, found some she liked, looked good in and could see through. Probably all the right boxes were ticked.

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Image by Getty Images via Daylife

But the crowning glory was that they were: “Readilite Aspheric Lenses”. Wow! That nailed it – just what we were looking for.

But what on earth does that mean? Why did someone in the marketing team of the glasses company GSA SER SEO think that adding a sticky label onto the glasses with that message would increase sales.

Similarly – some disposal razors I found at home yesterday were described on the packet as having extra grip. GRIP! Who needs grip on a razor, you’re shaving an overnight growth, not a deep pile carpet.

So why do they do it? Is it because they have to say something when in fact they’ve got nothing to say?

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