Betting on Customer Service – the ongoing saga!

I’ve had a response from the company that wanted to fine me £2 for not betting often enough (see previous post). I’ve added some comments in Red:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the closure of your Ladbrokes account.
We would be happy to assist you in the matter, however we note from your account that you have funds available in either sportsbook, games, casino or poker. Of course there are funds there, that’s what I want back before you pinch the lot!

Before we can action your request all balances must be zero to ensure no charges are incurred. If all balances were zero there’d be no money to refund and we wouldnt be having this conversation.

We have also refunded the £2 that was charged on your account. So the 2 quid you pinched is back, I wonder how much it cost to process that? Maybe it would have been cheaper to not have taken it in the first place.

The options available to you are as follows –
• If you choose not to use the funds then transfer all balances back to your sportsbook account That’s ok: don’t bother to tell me how to do this, I’ll guess!
• Withdraw back to the active payment method What is this in English?

• Withdraw the funds via any of our shops in cash What: visit a bookies, never! It’s  online or nothing for me.

• To withdraw the funds in cash in a shop, you will need to bring photographic ID (driving license or passport), a recent utility bill in order for us to verify the address details registered on your Ladbrokes account, against the bill and a copy of this email if possible.

If you do not wish to claim your funds and to ensure that you do not incur any charges, please notify us in a return email and we can manually deduct the funds out of your account and then officially close it down. What do you mean “If you do not wish to claim your funds”? I’ve asked you 3 times now for my money back. Are you stupid?

Alternatively, if you are unable to withdraw the funds via any of the above methods please contact our Customer Services Department on 0800 731 4171 where one of our agents will be happy to assist. Well at least it’s a Freephonen number, I was almost expecting a premium rate service.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Well, what on earth can I say now?

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