It’s Over. I’ve got my money back, but at what cost?

I’ve recently posted 2posts about a bit of a run-in I’ve been having with Ladbrokes.

They wanted to charge me for not using the credit I had deposited on my account, so after a bit of effort I’m now delighted to report that the money is now back in my possession.

When I called them tonight it took one of their call centre agents over 25 minutes to process the payment and deal with my call. That’s the real cost of stupid customer service. And of course they’ve lost a customer for life.

Of greater disappointment right at the end though was their need to ask me for my password. I somehow had the view the big PLC’s who handled our money and personal details were more concerned about security than that. I got that one wrong, let’s hope my bank don’t.

But let’s look on the bright side: it’s over! I’ve got my money back, they didn’t get the £2 fine they wanted to impose and they’ve lost a customer for life.

Not quite a Win/Win solution. Stupid big business!

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