Duvet Day Flu Pandemic

In an attempt to break the monopoly held by pigs, I’m proposing that the current Swine Flu Pandemic be countered with a new epidemic, which could mature into a Pandemic, if we get the right values behind the programme

Photograph taken by Sarah McCulloch on 15/5/06...
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Duvet Day Flu will hit individuals in different ways, but some triggers might include: radio alarm clocks, kids jumping on the bed before 7 am, spouse kicking you so that “you can use the shower ┬ábefore them”.

Responses to these stimuli will also vary, but will probably include pulling a duvet over your head (this raises the interesting question as to whether or not non-duvet users can be infected) and a crisis of conscience as to when to phone into the office.

Join now – it’s free: and you don’t need to wait for a new Government helpline to be setup.

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