Too much of a good thing spoils your Summer

Image by [phil h

Saturday is my wedding anniversary: 28 years ago tonight I was still single. But I just can’t look forward to Saturday.

No: it’s nothing to do with my marriage, which is fine/great/wonderful etc etc, it’s because bloody Kick Ball is back.

Even before I’ve managed to get my shirt off in the garden or on the beach, the winter sport returns to our radio and TV screens and I have to wonder: Why?

At the highest level it is a beautiful game. But outside the Premiership it is not. It is a magnet for the exploitation of people who want to follow. To follow a “team” that is in fact a bunch of similarly dressed individuals, to follow a crowd who can find nothing more worthwhile to do and follow matches on the tele too many nights each week.

But because there is so much money in this game it’ll invade our TV screens before the 4th Test is complete and before I’ve had to reach for the After-Sun.  And that, IMHO,  destroys what used to be called “Summer”.

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