Broadband, 3G, USO, Wales!

My earlier post about universal broadband attracted more comments than anything I’ve written before, so that must make it a trending topic here!

Anyway: today’s Western Mail talks about how Wales is being left behind in the broadband roll out plan. But they let themselves down in their leader article when confusing the need for broadband with the need for business web presence.

Anyone in their right mind that wants or needs to host a web site will not host it themselves (unless of course they are VERY big like the BBC) but will outsource it to a web host. The web presence should not be linked to a company’s broadband connection at all.

Broadband is of course an aide to content management, but it is not the be all and end all. I can manage content on some sites via my mobile phone browser.

In the past I’ve downloaded from the web at 9.6 kbps and was glad to do so. Connection is the important feature: speed is the desirable element. But sadly the slowest speed we will accept is the fastest we’ve ever used.

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