What lessons are our Kids learning?

“Don’t worry darling, you can stay in bed, it’s a bit cold outside” – words I never heard from my parents yet words that have been spoken in many a home this week no doubt.

Taken in Megeve, France
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What ever happened to the notion of “getting on with it”?

A little snow falls and we all come to a standstill. “It’s all about Health and Safety” some say. “Rubbish” I reply. It’s about risk avoidance: schools and/or councils don’t want to be liable for kids breaking their limbs in school yards whilst being supervised.

They prefer instead for the little darlings to break their limbs playing unsupervised in parks and pavements, whilst throwing snowballs at passing buses and cars.

The idea of closing schools when there is no serious risk is ridiculous. If the school in the highest village in Wales, with 18 inches of snow around can be open every day and be proud of the fact that the kids walk in as opposed to travel by car, then at least someone is setting an example of making the right effort.

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