What a Great Question!

I’ve had 2 really standout, one to one networking meetings this week with individuals who really want to work on a different plane. They reinforced my views that networking is the best way of growing a business.

For clarity: I run an online business network called Junction 31 and have positioned that network to complement other networks, not to compete with them So when I met Ray Lewin on Thursday and we discussed our respective networks (Ray runs the Chepstow and Monmouth business club) and then talked about how we could help each other to be successful. 

Then on Friday I met a group of people who want to create their own small referral network, and the main question was “how can they help each other”. Again: so refreshing as it reinforced my view that small networks as just so much more powerful for long term success.

And in both these meetings, which were pretty high energy, was the underlying theme: “How can I help you?”.

I’m sure if we heard that a bit more in business meetings the world would spin at  a different rate for us all.  It really is a great question.

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