Do you play to your strengths?

Many years ago I was being reviewed at an annual appraisal where we spent a long time discussing weaknesses: mine of course! And then we spent a bit of time working out how to fix those weaknesses. And you know what: we still spent time talking about the same weaknesses a year later because I wasn’t interested in them. I wanted to play to my strenghts.

It was therefore really refreshing to read a book by Marcus Buckinghamrecently that supported this idea of playing to strengths and ignoring weaknesses. His research showed that there is far greater chance of success if we do what we are good at and/or enjoy doing. Indeed the impact of improving a “Poor” performance in one area will be to maybe, if you’re lucky, raise it to “Weak”. What use is that when you can move “Very good” to “off the radar brilliant” in the same time.


So let me ask you this:

  • Do you play to your strengths?
  • Do you truly know what your stregnths are?
  • Do you ignore or outsource the weaknesses?

Because those key steps can be a critical step forward to overall success in life, and in business.

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