Never trust technology!

Years ago when my telecoms customers used to ask me “what guarantee do I get with that?” there was only one answer that I could honestly give.

“The only thing I can guarantee is that it will go wrong at some time” and then I told them about our wonderful service standards for fixing it. 

Of course what I forgot to tell then was that it would probably go wrong at the most important time of all. Either just before a demo or for a” never to be repeated” opportunity.

Mari, Heather and Bryn Terfel

Well on Saturday, I went to see Wales v Ireland in Cardiff and took my Flip Video with me. When my wife saw the great Bryn Terfel she asked me to flip the video on.

And of course it failed – and all we got was this photograph – from the video.

And just for sake of accuracy my wife is the lady with her back to the camera! The other is my sister in law: Heather.

Honesty moment – it was actually the cameraman that failed, but it happened at a “once only” moment as it always does with technology. 

And we lost the match – oh well: maybe next time!

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