Why are the simple things so difficult?

I went to a great meeting of the Wales North America Business Chamber and listened to two really interesting guys talk: the first was Denis Campbell of UK Progressive and the other was Henry Engelhardt Chief Executive of Admiral Insurance Group plc.

Whilst Denis was really good I want to focus on what Henry said.

In short, he outlined a series of day to day activities that make Admiral a great place to work at. These are all done to ensure that their strategy of caring for their staff is at the centre of the organisation. And the results speak for themselves.

But when I spoke to Henry afterwards, we both agreed that little of what they were doing was rocket science, and much of it was free to implement, yet so few organisations followed their lead.

Why is it that we find it so difficult to emulate others who have a great strategy for success. I don’t buy into the concept that it’s only for big companies. Small businesses can be a great place to be, but if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing is there any chance of doing it well. I suspect not.

To the question: what could you do today that would make your business a better (greater) place to work in? And what help do you need to implement it?


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