G20 & Networking

They’ve got it right: in times of crisis it’s good to talk and in times of real crisis face to face talking is the only way to get things resolved. 

But let’s face it: how well networked are these G20 guys and gals? How often do they talk? Do they swap notes or build bonds that make trust inevitable? I cannot help but suspect not. And that’s why there’s already friction in the camp as Sarkozy expresses a view that is not in accord with the others.

A little foot stamping to get things started maybe. And easily something that could have been avoided if these guys had tried to get to know each other some other way.

If they’d worked at getting to know one another at a personal level they would know where each was coming from. Had they spent time getting under the skin, or into their shoes, then they too would have had a better start. And that’s what online networking can do for you – not necessarily the G20 guys (although they can set up a group at Junction 31 if they want to) but for most of us in business getting an insight to common ground can be achieved online. It needs time and a different mindset maybe, but in the end it will save time and produce results that may not have been previously expected.

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