Enervating. What a great word that is!

I’d not heard of the word Enervating until tonight, but when I found it in a review of photo sharing websites and looked up its meaning I realised what a great word it is.

All I’d been trying to do is work out a simple way to share some of my photos from my laptop to my phone and then also to something that Mari can use to view the photos I want to share with her.There are of course lots of options: Flickr, Google +, Picasa, Yahoo and of course Photostream on the iPhone. And most of them are really clever, able to recognise people in the photos, flipping the images the right way round and uploading web suitable images (small ones?) to their sites. And all for free of course.

But they’ve nearly all swamped their sites with complexity, to the extent that I could not find a neat, easy way to do what I wanted. Picasa loads to Google + and then I couldn’t find the photos on the app! Flckr does something, all quite pretty but I can’t see any of MY photos on the iPhone App, only photos from strangers; what use is that?

I was really getting fed up and decided to Google the “best photo sharing sites” and found this great entry in Bloomberg Businessweek. And then I realised that I was truly Enervated!

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