Why Cider is nowhere near as good as the Black Stuff

Cardiff Blues
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I’m not Cardiff born, nor am I Cardiff bred, but I do live there and have done so for 16 years or more. And for many of those years I’ve followed Cardiff, and sometimes the Blues in all their efforts. But tonight I was faced with the choice of Cardiff v Glasgow on S4C, or Harlequins v Bath on Sky both at the ridiculous time of around 6pm.

S4C is kinda the default option for our house especially when the Blues are involved. And I started watching, but gosh: it was dull, just as previous games have been.

But this was made worse  often by quite stupid decisions by players who frankly ought to know better.

So channel surfing: what a game between Bath and Quins! Passion, speed, determination, commitment, pace, passing, tackling, aggression – it was great to watch.

The Magners League has been diluted to a dull event whilst the Guinness league gets my vote from hereon. It definitely touches every corner of the game in such a positive way and as a result draws good crowds with great atmosphere.

Given the choice it’s Guinness for me when it comes to choosing matches on the box.

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