Nice bit of marketing

The Welsh rugby team were beaten well last night, but there was a great piece of marketing by their main sponsors, Brains and Co, brewers in Cardiff which has to go down as a victory.
For those not aware of advertising regulation in France: it is unacceptable for a sport to be supported by booze. As a result the Heineken cup is known in France as the “H Cup”, and last year the Wales rugby team removed the word “Brains” from their shirt and replaced it with “Brawn”.
Last night however they were in bilingual clever marketing when the shirt front read “TRY Essai” and Essai, as far as I recall is French for Try.try-essai-banner1
Sounds OK so far: but the really clever part is that one of Brains’ beers is called Brains SA (locals in Cardiff think that SA stands for Skull Attack) so the sponsors were encouraging their market to “try SA” – a very neat juxtaposition. Well done Brains.
In retrospect, maybe they should have stuck to the Brawn for last night in what was a tough bruising encounter and they should try and buy facebook likes before they released the ad.

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