3 Grand Slam thoughts

CARDIFF, WALES - MARCH 17:  Wales wing Alex Cu...

I know, it’s a while since we won the Grand Slam this year, but I have to mention a couple of things:

1. The Team : Wales are now a wonderful team: they are committed, physically intense, supportive, creative, intelligent and it was marvellous to see that all their tries were scored by the backs.

2. The Recovery: If the trips to the Polish cryotherapy centre were so beneficial in aiding recovery before the tournament, why then were the team not taken back there to recover after the tournament?

3. My Heart Rate: During the build up to the French match my heart rate rose from a normal resting rate of 60, to 72 on driving into Cardiff, to 80 whilst meeting a few friends before the match, to 95 on getting to the Stadium and finally to 105 just after the anthems. I was so knackered after the match that I was home by 7.30 and in bed by 9! Maybe I should have had some cryotherapy  instead.

It was, however, a great tournament.

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