The Sadness of S4C

A missed opportunity

It has to be sad when any organisation suffers an upheaval that results in the loss of its Chief Executive,  but recent months and years at S4C have not shown real success so change was probably inevitable.

Sure: the digital age has increased competition, but the Authority seem to be ignoring the fact there are 2 sides in the market: Supply and Demand.

Digital TV may dilute demand, but to be frank, the Supply has really failed to stimulate interest. The picture on the left is a copy of S4C’s listings for this coming Sunday, does it really get your juices flowing?

Remember this is a listing for Sunday, a Sunday during school holidays: so where are the early morning programmes for kids? My sons both have happy memories of Slot Sadwrn from years ago and I loved it, as  it kept them occupied and I had an extra hour in bed.

As a Broadcaster S4C has been the broadcaster in the language of choice for many in Wales, but in truth, its programmes are not the programmes of choice in any genre. For that reason and for poor programming, change is required, but it’s not just Iona Jones that should fall on her sword.

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