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Hold your Horses and get some perspective

horsemeatWhen you compare the reaction to the reports of Horse meat in many “prepared meals” to the reaction to reports of poor care in NHS Hospitals it is clear that some people have lost their true sense of perspective.

There are now 14 hospitals subject to investigation of high death rates, but the public reaction is muted. That makes little sense when we look at the hysteria surrounding the reports of what is perfectly healthy meat masquerading as something else.

Fraud should not be a cause for public concern on this scale, and far too many people appear to have forgotten that plantar fasciitis cure. Let’s get some perspective.

Cardiff Street Food Festival

I like food, and I like trying different foods with different flavours, so I was looking forward to the first ever Cardiff Street Food Festival in Cardiff last Saturday night.  Tomos came along with me and we met some friends there, none of us were disappointed.

Set out in the Mackintosh Community Centre, it attracted a great range of foods, all packed full of great flavour, made with passion and delivered with great sense of fun for the occasion.

First up was a cup of soup from Thai-Dee. I heard someone calling it the smartest pot-noodle he’d ever tasted, it was light, fresh, flavour some and warming on what was a pleasantly cold night. Continue reading

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