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My very First Sourdough loaf

My First Sourdough loaf

For the last few months I’ve had a hankering to make some bread.

Whilst I started on some normal recipes, my goal was to make some Sour-dough bread sometime soon.

As a result I’ve been reading and researching and trying to learn the techniques and last week I got down to it!

It all started with the need to create a “Starter”, something natural that would fill my loaf with rise and flavour.

The recipe I chose to use was one from the BBC. It seemed clear and simple, even if it took a few days to get it all together. Continue reading

Today I shall be making a crust


I’ve developed an interest in baking bread in recent weeks, I can’t really understand why and it has nothing to do with the success of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off either.

There’s just something pretty magical in being able to mix a few ingredients and produce something so very tasty and potentially so varied. Continue reading

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