Xi and Putin – What’s Occuring?

The meeting between President Xi of China and President Putin of Russia comes at a critical juncture in the ongoing war in Ukraine. With 39 previous meetings between the two leaders, they have established a “Partnership with no Limits” and both see the world as a fight against American domination. However, while China has not yet provided aid to Russia, it is suggested that aid from China is imminent.

It is important to note that Xi is not there to help Russia; he is there to help China. This means that he does not want Russia to lose the war, but it is unclear how much support China is willing to provide for a victory. The war has already impacted China, leading to a stronger NATO, greater awareness of dictator states especially in relation to places like Taiwan, and more allied activity globally, as seen with the AUKUS alliance.

While Xi wants to play a constructive part in peace talks, there is currently no plan to end the war, and it is hard to see how one can come about without regime change in Moscow. Thus, the visit is unlikely to stop Putin and establish a sort of peace, and the big question remains: can China play a part in brokering peace in Ukraine? His meeting and discussions with President Zelensky will be critical.

In conclusion, while the meeting between Xi and Putin may have significant implications for the war in Ukraine, it is unlikely to bring about an end to the conflict. The situation remains complex, with China wanting to help itself more than Russia and Putin’s recent visit to the site of the war’s worst destruction. It is vital that the international community continues to push for peace and justice in Ukraine, even if the road ahead is long and difficult.

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