The Last Dog Walk of 2011

We’ve just got back from the park, Ben and me that is, and whilst watching him sniff his way around it struck me that this was the last walk for us for 2011.

I do the morning walk and one of my sons does the afternoon walk (most days that is) so on reflection that’s 365 morning walks this year. Then there’s the 20% of afternoons when I have to fill in for one reason or another, so that’s another 91. Total 456 walks.

At an average of 30 minutes each, that totals a massive 228 hours of walking in all weathers and often in the dark.

There are 168 hours in a week, so 228 hours equates to 9.5 days.

Which equates to 2.6% of my year, for 100% of his love and affection all year long.

Thanks Ben.

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