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We don’t need Nanny State Weather reports

Poor Driving Conditions confirmed by the Nanny StateLast Saturday I was driving on the M4 in south Wales, the weather was awful, quite possibly the heaviest rain I’ve ever had to drive in. And to help me was the absolutely ridiculous notices on the electronic signs that warned me of “Poor Driving Conditions”.

I already knew that! I’m not stupid, I can see what’s in my field of vision. It was a statement of the bleeding obvious, and demonstrated the low level of wisdom provided by a Nanny State.  Continue reading

Who decides on Broadband investment in Wales?

We all need broadband, it’s probably more important now to businesses than even a telephone system. So any improvements to services in Wales are to be welcomed. But I really would like to understand who determined that Newport should receive a slice of cash for the development of “ultra-fast fixed broadband access and large areas of public wireless connectivity” as announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement. Continue reading

Why does Christmas start so early these days?

Do you love Christmas? Are you one of those people who get their presents bought in October, the cards written in November and the 10 foot tree up and decorated by the first week of December?

Or are you like me and many others I know who just wish the whole thing would start when it used to: that is around the 18th of December at the earliest. Now it just comes earlier and earlier every year, I even had a Christmas card arrive by post this year in November a full month before the big day itself. Continue reading

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