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Afghanistan – why we are now entering the dangerous period

Afghan men attend a shura in the Nawa District.

Yesterday’s announcements on troop withdrawals in 2013 are of course welcome, they are a clear sign that we will leave Afghanistan and that there has been great progress in preparing the Afghan security forces to take the lead.

But there is still much to be done there. Afghanistan is far from being a country at peace and there are dangers from many directions. It has be hoped that one of the threats has been quashed: Having lost so many of its leadership through well targeted remote attacks, the threat of the Taliban as a force for evil may now have lost its will for the fight and could now well turn to negotiation and non violent diplomacy as a means to advance its aims. Continue reading

Why does Politics get in the way of Politics?

I was invited onto a BBC Wales radio programme, Sunday Supplement, last Sunday, taking a look at some of the stories making the news in the last week. I was there to talk about the long term effects of war and awful situations on the health of servicemen and ex-servicemen that had been triggered by an incredible statement in Westminster by Bob Stewart MP about a bomb in Ballykelly 30 years ago. (His transcript starts at 3.34)

It was an illuminating experience as I was “sharing” the item with Madeline Moon, the MP for Bridgend. I’d not met her before and we chatted before going on air andĀ anticipatedĀ being in violent agreement on the matter. Treatment for the wounded and needy had to be provided, more needed to be done. It was going to be clear and positive, an easy ride. Continue reading

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