With the likelihood of attack lifted, now is the time to become more involved in Syria

Billboard with portrait of Assad and the text ...
Billboard with portrait of Assad and the text God protects Syria on the old city wall of Damascus 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that world leaders have seen some sense and cast aside their desire to attack the Assad regime in Syria, it remains a clear duty for those of us who can to become more involved in the region. I don’t suggest for one moment that we need to prepare any military engagement,that was a nonsensical idea mooted by politicians probably more interested in their political legacy than anything else. It certainly wasn’t based on foreign policy goals.

Instead we ought to be far more willing to deliver humanitarian assistance to the people who are fleeing from conflict.

We are tremendously fortunate in this country, we live comfortable protected lives. Those fleeing the war are at the other end of the needs spectrum: they now have little left, having lost almost everything in their pursuit of safety. They need our help, and help is not delivered in the form of a cruise missile.

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