Why the Lord is a F******

George Foulkes, Baron Foulkes of Cumnock
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Lord Foulkes is a fool. Having tried to embarass and undermine the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, he has today reasserted what appear to be false claims of Dannatt and Conservative officials acting in concert against the Government.

What the Lord F****** failed to note is that Dannatt is an incredibly honest and principled man, with strong religious beliefs. His statements that have challenged the present Governemt have been embarassing for Brown and others but have come about as a result of incredibly strong feelings and his conviction to be seen to lead his Army in the right way and to provide them with the right equipment.

I’ve already commented that Gen Dannatt would, under any other Government, have been promoted to Chief of the Defence Staff, the top job in military terms. His understanding of operations in Afghanistan is beyond question as is his commitment.

Now he is likely to be offered a role in the likely next Conservative Government. This appointment is to be welcomed, not as a threat to the existing government but as a warning that there will be someone who will ALWAYS speak his mind about military matters. Cameron will do well to ennoble the General and will also do well to note his comments and opinion.

The fact that Dannatt is “on the team” will not mean that he speaks the party speak and that is what we need going forward.

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