Why Storming comes before Norming

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Just as you can’t make an omlette without breaking eggs, so you can’t form a new team without a few pre-ordained steps. So the current noise around the LibDem-Conserative coalition is entirely to be expected and is to some degree a very good sign.

Whenever there is some change in and amongst a group of people there is always a degree of resistance, and of course that degree can be small, large or huge. The formation of the coalition government is no exception and we are seeing and hearing much about the dissatisfaction from members of each party concerned and even from others not directly involved.

This is all following a pattern: a pattern that goes under the rather quaint American label of Formin’, Stormin’, Normin’ and Performin’.

All new teams will need to follow this route to success and whilst the motives of any change may be questionable, the Stormin’ is essential. It’s only at this stage that those in the lead can take real control and find out where the real supporters and doubters sit. More importantly it will also help to deselect some from the challenges ahead. And those party members who are “leaving in droves” to join other parties are helping the cause. Because once they’ve gone the important step of Normin’ can take place, after which the results will come as the team is built, with committed members and clarity of purpose. Then and only then can it start Performin’.

So if those people who are complaining and arguing think that they are going to have any influence on the outcome, they are both wrong and right. They are wrong because their voices do not matter but they are right because Stormin’ this early allows for earlier progress to be achieved. It really is a case of the Storm before the calm.

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