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Why don’t they recognise the Welsh Assembly Government?

I remember a lovely story from a friend who worked in a bank many years ago: a customer came in to make some transaction and was asked for some identification. A Driving Licence and something else would do. All she could find was a driving licence, but as she left to go home she remembered something else: “Would a letter from the Queen be acceptable?”

Of course it was, (this was in the 60’s) and all was resolved.

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More recently I’ve been contacted by an insurance company┬áthat has been taking a small sum of money off me since the Falklands War, as they’d lost my address. Somehow they’d traced me from an old Army address that I’d occupied all those years ago to my current one, and asked me to confirm some details. Of course I needed some confirmation of my current address from an acceptable source.

I sent them my Driving Licence, but not having a letter from the Queen (I’m available if called Ma’am) I had to rely instead on a letter from the Welsh Assembly Government.

It arrived back today as “Not Acceptable as it’s not on our list of acceptable organisations”. DVLA would have been OK, so too would British Gas, HMRC, Lloyds Bank and a myriad of other institutions. But a letter from my Government was not.

Bloody scandalous.

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