Why does this Polling Day make me feel so Nervous?

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This morning, there is a nervousness to my excitement as the citizens of the United Kingdom go to the polls. Butterflies are flying laps around my stomach, my throat has already had a lump or 2 in it when I saw or heard those opening words on news bulletins. What is so different this time?

Is it because my loyalties are mixed? After all this is an election where I am really impacted by a UK Government and also a mature Government in Wales with legislative experience, and whilst at the UK level I want to see a shift to the right, local I want Wales to continue to be grow in stature and want to see a stronger position for Plaid.

Could it be that the campaigns have left me worried that votes will be bought, rather than visions created to win over voters?

Has our TV based campaign – not the internet campaign so expected by many – really turned the tide, or is the Lib Dem surge already a busted flush. Only time will tell.

But one things is certain in my mind: it is high time we are rid of the Labour Government who have failed so miserably to deliver over 13 years in office. And not only is it time for change, but change for the better. Then maybe the butterflies will go back to bed.

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