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Why do we want Celebrity and not Honour

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The New Year’s Honours List raised the bi-annual moaning and groaning about how passé the whole idea of honours really is. I just don’t get this argument!

In recent years the notion of Celebrity has grown ridiculously and we’ve now got people who are famous for being famous, with that fame often gained through eating grubs in the outback of Australia for so-called reality TV.

Yet when some people who have made great efforts over many years are formally “recognised” there is a ground swell of moaning about the anachronism that is being extended. Utter tosh.

Many people honoured in the New Year’s list have given a life-time of effort. Of course there are some whose presence is questionable, and indeed there are the ongoing absentees who raise more confusion (think Brucie) but we must remember that at least those who were honoured were nominated by someone who could see that they’d done more than perform for a reality show.

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