Why do we make it so hard to communicate?

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I received a letter from the Government recently, asking for some details about my business. I wanted to check on the type of information they wanted and decided that it might be best to contact them to talk about it.

But their unsigned letter only contained a phone number that took me to a “system voicemail” and did not contain any email details at all.

So I’m now left with the choice of guessing an email address, ignoring the issue, giving my interpretation of what they want, or of writing to them. But I don’t do writing: well not much anyway, as it takes time, involves envelopes. stamps and a walk to the post box. I far prefer email, and of course that is much quicker too.

So wouldn’t ┬áit be so much easier if we all had email addresses and personal phone (with voicemail) numbers visible on all our correspondence?

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