Why did we expect Algeria to listen?

The Algerian response to the unpleasant events at the gas plant At Imenas was not one that the UK Government welcomed and one that it is probably finding tough to support. But why on earth should we expect anything other that the response we’ve seen?

The Algerian military have a history of being trained by the Russian military and there can be little doubt that the Russian authorities would probably have been as violent with their response had the terrorist action been in their country. The Algerians did what they thought to be the right thing, at the right time and in the right way.

For the UK  and other western governments to suggest that the Algerians should have consulted “us” or used “our” experts shows an arrogance and disrespect to the sovereignty of a nation-state.

We will need to be far less arrogant in our dealings as we plan to defend against the growing threat in Africa. The threat is now getting geographically far closer to the UK and without doubt will be one we will face for many years to come. Worrying times.

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