Why Ashgar should quit

Mohammad Asghar There will be many members of the Conservative Party delighted to welcome the once Plaid Cymru AM Mohammad Asghar to the Conservative benches in Cardiff. And why shouldn’t they? After all he is saying all the right things about policies and a Conservative future in Wales.

But as a regional AM, Ashgar was elected by a significant number of people who voted to be represented by a Plaid Cymru member. Whilst I respect an individual’s choice to change his party allegiance, this first ever crossing of the floor in Wales is an uncourageous act as it leaves those people who voted for him dis-enfranchised.

The right course of action would be for the member to  resign his seat if he feels that he cannot follow his party’s policies. He should then stand at the next election (2011) when he could appeal to the people with his new found views. That would allow him to demonstrate his principles and would also allow for a Plaid member to take the vacant seat immediately.

After all: that is what the people voted for.

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