Where’s my “Show Desktop” icon gone to?

When I used Windows XP I had a nice little icon on my toolbar to take me back to the Desktop, now having moved to Windows 7 I couldn’t find a similar icon and for the last few months have been “living” without it. You know: just making do, accepting the price of progress is that some things just fall by the way side.

And then tonight something odd happened, I’d be using 2 screens when I unplugged the laptop and some of my open windows were left invisible as they were on the disconnected screen. There was a hint of them on the edge of my “live” screen so I tried to drag them in. I did this by clicking on the right hand side of my taskbar and amazingly my desktop appeared.

Apparently the “Show desktop” in Windows 7 is enabled by clicking on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It’s been there all the time, just nobody had told me.

I wonder where all the other things I can’t find are?

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