What are you doing different today?

It’s a nice day, not as hot as yesterday and some would say it’s a bit muggy, but it’s “nice” nonetheless.
So nice in fact that I’ve just taken my laptop out on the patio to do some work in the garden.
And that set me thinking: I couldn’t have done this a couple of years ago, how times change.
There’s nothing special about working outside: the wireless internet connection reaches the garden and I’m wired with the world. Global reach courtesy of technology.
And then that set me thinking again: what else can I do differently to make a difference in my work and my life.
Social networking has taken the world by storm, but businesses are still slow to catch up even though a good proportion of business folks also use other social media sites. So what’s holding them back. Truth is: I don’t know, but I think it’s possibly because they’ve just not tried to do something different. The familiar is always easier.
Working indoors, in the office, is the way we’ve always done things, but it doesn’t need to be like that.
Believe me: the garden is cooler than my office most days and certainly today!
Pass the suntan cream

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